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TRIZ Online -- Database Dumps

TRIZ is strong in its methodologic approach, underpinned by tables. In my view, the open spread of the information in these tables is vital to TRIZ. So, after having seen several human-reviewable forms of the tables, I decided to edit some of them and make them computer-reviewable.

Some of the tables are typically read-only, for example the contradictions-lookup table. Other tables, notable anything dealing with mappings from/to a problem domain, are community wealth and should be open to anonymous extension and peer review.

It is my intention to set up such a service as soon as I find an approach to host these things. My bets are that SourceForge is an excellent medium, but to be accepted by them we must accept a formal agreement on the public availability of the knowledge. I expect no problems here, but a discussion on the mailing list regarding Gnu Public Licenses and common alternatives. I will not transfer the tables there until we are clear on licensing issues.

Here are some tables (as SQL creational statements) for the TRIZ Online database:

SQL is useful for TRIZ work because table lookups is exactly what it does best, especially when tables have to be related. I have implemented a Contradiction-Table Lookup Tool based on this approach.

These definitions of the principles are based on the work of Genrich Altshuller. The modern examples were developed by Ellen Domb and Karen Tate. See the TRIZ Journal, July, 1997.

Some technical background: I selected the MySQL database to run SQL queries on. MySQL is freely available for any decent platform. It is `crisp' due to a controversial design decision, so that the delay caused by it in web pages is hardly noticable. The dynamic webpage generation is done with PHP, a rather versatile scripting language that is also very efficient. The web server itself is Apache, running on Linux. The web pages are generated from files than contain a mixture of SQL, PHP and HTML. This combination of engineering solutions supports excessive fast (and fun) development of little projects like the contradiction table tool.

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