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TRIZ inventive problem solving by contradiction table

So, you have a technical problem?

Think hard about that problem, until it reduces to a plain technical contradiction. In such a contradiction, there will be a desired effect and an undesired side-effect. These effects should be loosely matched to the entries in the following list of paramaters.

It is not in the style of TRIZ to make a trade-off between the contradicting parameters, but rather to bypass the problem. Since patent research has shown that many problem solutions are similar, the entered contradiction will be answered by results to similar problems that you can translate back to your problem as a source of inspiration.


1. Weight of moving object
2. Weight of stationary object
3. Length of moving object
4. Length of stationary object
5. Area of moving object
6. Area of stationary object
7. Volume of moving object
8. Volume of stationary object
9. Speed
10. Force (Intensity)
11. Stress or pressure
12. Shape
13. Stability of the object's composition
14. Strength
15. Duration of action of moving object
16. Duration of action of stationary object
17. Temperature
18. Illumination intensity
19. Use of energy by moving object
20. Use of energy by stationary object
21. Power
22. Loss of Energy
23. Loss of Substance
24. Loss of Information
25. Loss of Time
26. Quantity of substance
27. Reliability
28. Measurement accuracy
29. Manufacturing precision
30. Object-affected harmful factors
31. Object-generated harmful factors
32. Ease of manufacture
33. Ease of operation
34. Ease of repair
35. Adaptability or versatility
36. Device complexity
37. Difficulty of detecting and measuring
38. Extent of automation
39. Productivity

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